Later this year Genmyo will be moving to California to join his wife, Karen Cho-on Etheridge, who moved there last year to assist in caring for her mother. Although he is willing to continue to serve as guiding teacher of the Center and to be available to return to Champaign to lead sesshin after his move and continue to provide phone dokusan for his students in Champaign and around the country while living in California, there are various issues regarding the ongoing teaching, organization and financial functions of the Center which will need to be considered in light of these changing circumstances. To discuss these issues and to begin the planning process for Genmyo’s future role as guiding teacher, there will be a board meeting at PZC on Saturday, August 23rd at 4:00pm. All Zen Center members who would like to be involved in these discussions and participate in the decision making process are encouraged to attend the meeting. Those unable to attend and who wish to express their thoughts and/or ideas on these matters are invited to contact attendees who can voice their concerns, or send an email to prior to the meeting date for expression at the meeting.

Board Meeting - 4 p.m.
  August 23dr

All-Day Sitting - 9:00am - 5:00pm (one hour lunch break at Noon)
   August 23rd

Bodhi Day Party
  Not yet scheduled for 2014

Bodhi Day Service
  Not yet scheduled for 2014