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 Shobogenzo Translations:
      Soto Zen Text Project
      Shasta Abbey
 Dogen Teachings at "TheZenSite"
 Buddhist Publication Society
 Taisho Tripitaka Index - Buddhist Sutras, Scriptures, Texts and Related Media
 Surangama Samadhi Sutra - Lamotte/Boin Webb Translation
 Surangamo Sutra - Buddhanet
 Surangama Sutra - San Francisco State University
 13 volume English translation of the essential teachings of Korean Buddhism.
 Offered free by Charles Muller from the University of Tokyo.
 "Cooking the Buddhist Books:  The Implications of the New Dating of the Buddha for the History of Early Indian Buddhism" by Charles S. Prebish
 Genmyo's Interview at "SweepingZen"
 Sweeping Zen Website Homepage
 Teaching and Learning in the Rinzai Zen Monastery
 The Electronic Atlas of Buddhist Monasteries
 Archaeological Discovery Regarding Buddha's Birth Date